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Mndfl Motherhood Box

Mndfl Motherhood Box

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I created this box to make practicing mindfulness more accessible for busy moms everywhere. 

In this box you'll receive:

THREE WATERPROOF AFFIRMATION CARDS AND ONE WATERPROOF JOURNALING PROMPT. These cards are meant to be used in the shower (stick them to the shower walls!) or feel free to stick them onto the mirror in the morning while you're getting ready. 

 ONE FLOWER AGATE CRYSTAL. Place this crystal on your desk at work or carry it with you throughout the day to remind you of the positive affirmations you made at the start of your day.

TWO "TWENTY MINUTE CANDLES". These self care candles burn for 20 minutes. They are a great way to remind yourself to slow down. Light one and spend 20 minutes doing something you enjoy.  

 ONE "MAMA" BRACELET. Wear this and remember that you've got this mama!

Show any mom in your life that you see all they do. Give them the gift of true mindful self care.


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