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mndflmama BODY box

mndflmama BODY box

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This month's box is the BODY box. This box was curated specifically to remind all of us mamas how amazing our bodies are. Our bodies have grown and stretched and brought another living thing into this earth. Our bodies are miracles. We can show up in the world exactly as we are. 

This box contains:

THREE WATERPROOF AFFIRMATION CARDS AND ONE WATERPROOF JOURNALING PROMPT. These cards are meant to be used in the shower (stick them to the shower wall or mirror!)

ONE MNDFL MAMA JOURNAL. Use this journal to record all of your thoughts, feelings and inspiration you have after using the waterproof affirmation cards.

ONE BODY NECKLACE. I love this necklace. I wear it often and it reminds me that my body is beautiful and strong just the way it is. 

ONE "MAMAS SUPPORTING MAMAS" VINYL STICKER. Put this sticker on your water bottle as a positive message to yourself and others!

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